"We are your database experts!"

Black and White Computer Services was founded by Paul Langlois in 1994.  The initial focus was on the  popular Access program from Microsoft.  Microsoft had promoted Access extensively, even offering it at an introductory $99 when other databases were selling for about $500.  With such marketing well over 1 million copies were sold across North America.   The push was on for programmers with the new skill sets required by Access.

It was an exciting time for Black and White Computer Services as we took our then dos-based programming skills and converted them over to their Access equivalents. We found the object based model made for slimmer, reusable  code which had the effect of reducing project timelines.  Clients seemed to like how easily their screens and reports could be created and modified.

They intervening years saw newer versions of Access arrive with more web functionality.  Our company has continued adapting to the increasing web content by building databases which link web site querying to Access back end tables.

What does the future hold?  Perhaps the best answer lies with Bill Gate's intent to apply SQL accessibility to a wide range of software product.   If anything we'll see the features of today's databases increase and mesh with  the new technologies that are becoming entrenched in today's business world.

As to our role, I know we'll be there, continuing to implement user friendly databases.  The range of these applications will increase in scope and complexity.  I'm looking forward to this future and those new challenges it will pose.  In the past it's where the fun began - meeting and overcoming obstacles!  It's been an interesting ride so far!